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Milo Meskens makes a quirky mix of pop, folk and blues. Music has always been a lot more than just a pastime to Milo. His guitar was almost literally his guide through some rough years in high school, when everything seemed to go sideways. The only positive constant was his guitar. Writing songs as part of his coping mechanism, Milo tried to find his way back. And he did.

With his melancholic debut single 'Here With Me' he immediately scored a heavy rotation radio single in his home country Belgium. Successor 'New Beginning' became a wonderful sing-along and proved that Meskens would not be a one-hit wonder. All of his singles became radio hits throughout Europe. Combined, Milo’s songs have been streamed almost 30 million times on Spotify so far. At the beginning of 2022 he went to London to work on new music. For the recording of this new record he found like-minded people, which made his second long player sound richer, deeper and more mature. 

I spent 5 years of my life on making this record. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder on anything. I also haven’t been prouder of anything than this. This is not a record of easy choices or taking shortcuts, but I stand by every long and winding road it has and will take(n) me.

Milo Meskens